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Chimera Boxer – Blog a Misura di Zampa sui Cani project was born in Italy in 2018 with the purpose of using Photography to Inspire How to Always Be Positive and Happy with Little Things.

This project was developed initially through the story of Chimera’s daily adventures, taking the opportunity to simply sensitize readers on important issues about dogs and pets.

These two elements have made our Instagram account a point of reference for dog owners and we often receive requests for advice. Recently we started to collect in the Blog a Misura di Zampa (Paw-Sized Blog) all the useful information for those who have or want to have a pet and for those who want to engage in dog photography.

We receive many questions from our Instagram followers. We always reply them with a private message and/or throughout Instagram stories. We collect the answers to questions we receive most often and that may be of interest for many in the highlight “Q&A” and the “Photography” new one.

Blog a Misura di Zampa consists of three main sections:

Diario a 4 Zampe, a place to answer the most frequent questions of dog owners, also through reviews on the best and must have products for daily activities, analysis of the most frequent health problems, and regulations about pets.

Cani in vacanza, although traveling with a dog is easier today, it is not always easy to find all the information we need. We are planning to offer our readers some Travel Ideas with suggestions on where to sleep, where to eat, what activities to do with the dog.

Fotografia, nowadays a large part of users who are interested in photography and their products are pet owners. Many dog owners have shown such enthusiasm for photography thanks to our Instagram profile. Some started following us with their personal profile and then created a profile for their pet. Our goal is to share our idea of ​​Photography with readers, trying to answer the questions they ask us.

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